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Thanks for Making an Investment to Help Our Cause!


Your funds will be distributed to educate, support and sponsor those who are looking for help and do not know where to find it, and/or do not have the finances to secure help.

Specific distribution is as follows:

• Toward our weekly "Healing Hearts" Meetings

• Toward building the Transitional Living Quarters Account
• Public Education 
• Assist in Sponsoring those needing help 

3 Ways to Make an Investment 

1.  General Fund

2.  Amazon Smiles

General Donatio




Payable to:

Sierra's Sanctuary 


PO BOX 187

Cortland, OH 44410


Sierra's Sanctuary Receives 30% Donation from ALL  Book Sales 


3. Book Purchase


Transitional Living Vision

A transitional living facility to provide a home with safe, structured and comprehensive life-skills environment for residents while they are rebuilding their lives.

  • Build Transitional Facility

  • Maintain Facility

  • Provide Life Coaches and Assistance 




Payable to:

Sierra's Sanctuary
Transitional Living Fund 


PO BOX 187

Cortland, OH 44410

Amazon Smile Orders Donation


When you shop from Amazon, please consider going through to place your order and choose Sierra’s Sanctuary, Inc.  as your charity of choice.  Amazon will automatically donate 5% of its proceeds from your order to Sierra’s Sanctuary non-profit organization at no extra cost to you.  So you can enjoy purchasing your items while actively taking part in helping to “Save-One-Soul-At-A-Time” to make this world a better place.

Donate Today!

dime a day progrm

  Sierra's Sanctuary is a faith based, nonprofit (501C3)  organization that sponsors anyone with any addiction and affliction who is seeking help.  

•    We focus on sending struggling/hurting people to faith based facilities who exist merely for the love of helping others, and who do NOT charge the residents. However, these facilities need to feed, clothe, pay utilities, provide study materials and pay quality staff.  We want to help fund these facilities to keep them running as they are truly a necessity and blessing.

  When people come together as a collective they can accomplish anything. What if each of us invested to help heal others?  Together, we can make this world better! 



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Learn more about your Investment

Learn MOre about investment

  If you would like to join together with us to invest in others' lives, please be sure to make your contribution out to Sierra's Sanctuary, as no representative of Sierra's Sanctuary is to receive any contributions made to them personally. Also, since Sierra's Sanctuary is a 501C3, please include your email and/or address so that we may send you a thank you letter that can also be submitted for tax deduction.
  In addition, Sierra's Sanctuary board members are volunteer positions. Therefore, with the exception of minimal costs expended for educational materials and website, all contributions are distributed toward helping those struggling with trauma afflictions and addictions. Together let’s help end the despair and crisis.

  If you would like to speak to a board member, please contact Sierra's Sanctuary
Amy Giovannone at 330-770-1366,
Andrea DeJacimo at 330-503-2142
or email 

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