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       Sierra's Sanctuary provides a weekly Meeting 



      "Healing Hearts" (HH)   

            ALL Encompassing Spiritual Support,                      Education and Understanding for                            healing hearts from trauma, addiction,             grief--any life challenging hurts & trials.

       "HH Meetings" are held on the 1st & 3rd                   Monday of each month  at 6:30 P.M.                                 Warren, OH at                                                "The Mahoning Valley Hope Center"                                    3217 Surrey Rd SE                                 (Entrance on the bend of Eastland Ave)




Sierra’s Sanctuary

                   Healing Hearts (HH)                      HH Meeting Guidelines


1. All meetings Open and close in prayer (promptly) at meeting’s official start/end time.

2.  Weekly Meeting Discussions (mainly) derive from the Leader’s prepared discussion.

3.  Meeting attendees are NOT to introduce themselves as “addicts” or any other label given for their affliction.  HH believes people with affliction & addiction problems are so much more than a label.  Attendees are not to be defined by their addiction/afflictions. Their addiction/affliction is NOT their identity. Addiction/affliction is a characteristic of a person, not “who” the person is.

4.  Individuals will NOT be pressured into sharing more than they are comfortable sharing.  Some will be comfortable sharing ALL details, while others won’t be comfortable sharing anything.  Both levels of sharing are acceptable and welcome (without judgement or pressure of ANY type) during HH meetings.

5.  Confidentiality: Anything shared in meetings MUST stay within the meetings. HH provides a safe environment for sharing.  Exception: ONLY time confidentiality can be broken is if people CLEARLY indicate (actually verbalize) they are going to cause harm to themselves or others.

6.  Anyone who wants to ask a question or comment about his/her own thoughts, personal experience, strength, hope, testimony or revelation (while discussing the covered material) is encouraged to do so. These comments MUST be relevant.

7.  We WILL take as much time as needed (during the meeting) for ALL to understand and absorb the meaning and lessons exemplified.  

8.  When we read the material and questions from the prepared lesson we will read them out loud, then stop and open up discussion about insights, personal experiences and lessons learned that coincide/pertain to that question to delve deep into the root of the life message and spirituality.

9. There will be NO shaming or disrespecting of others for ANY reason. We are all equal.

10. HH meetings are Faith based and do combine Faith with the self-accountability portions of the 12-steps for "Faith-in-Action" comprehensive healing.  


11.  All attendees are expected to respect the HH premises rules. Violations may result in dismissal.


—Amy Jo Giovannone

 HH Meeting Leaders are Amy G. & Angela Shelley  ... Pictured is Amy G, Mike Adams, Don Gerry & Kristina Bridgens
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